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5G Gold & Silver is owned and operated by Randy Singer and his son Rand Singer. Randy has been buying gold from the public for over 30 years.

Our retail location is designed to help people sell their items locally, in person, and walk out with money. Buying Gold and Silver is all that we do. We are not a Pawn Shop or a Jewelry Store.

Facts about Selling Gold:

  • A karat is 1/24 of pure gold by weight so 24-karat is pure gold, 10 karat is 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals, 18 karat is 18 parts gold etc..
  • The current price-per-ounce of gold is based on pure gold only.
  • Precious metals are weighed in Troy Ounces and Pennyweights. There are 20 pennyweights, or 31.1 grams, per troy ounce.
  • Gold- or Silver-plated items are mostly composed of other metals with an ultra-thin layer of precious metal.

Mailing your Jewelry to an online Gold Buying Company can be Risky!

For a number of years now there have been many news stories, consumer alerts, and blog postings warning of online scams and problems with online gold buying companies:

  • claiming that jewelry never arrived
  • disputing how much jewelry was received
  • undervaluing the quality of the gold

and investigative journalists (Fox News, Money Talks News) found big discrepancies in the purchase price offered on the same jewelry by different online gold buying companies!

Don't mail it, come down to our store front and meet us. We are State Licensed Precious Metals Dealers located in Pennsylvania.

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